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​My Commitment....


Equine Enrichment can be offered to your equine partner in many forms so that they may have as healthy and happy a life as possible.  Whether it is through their environment, nutrition, equipment, or training methods, it all begins with your knowledge of how a horse really thinks and feels.   I am committed to your horse's and your "Enrichment", always considering your equine partner's well-being, backed by years of experience, scientific evidence, and reputation.  Learning how to treat your horse as an individual is the start of the journey to becoming a horseman.   You can spend a lifetime having issues involving lack of softness, understanding, and fear (for both of you), or make the commitment to educate yourself.  These issues can disappear in a very short time, some a few days, some a few hours.  

Do you want softness in their mind and body through an understanding of cues with a willing and calm partner wanting to participate?  I will show you how to ride from your seat, mind, and heart to get the most responsiveness without kicking and pulling.  You will learn the importance of pre-cues, body position, the outside rein, no reins, letting your horse win and want to participate.  We will evaluate their living conditions, nutrition, and tack.


I have seen far too many horses let go because the person did not understand them and put the blame on the horse and often times with bad outcomes for the horse.  My commitment is to do what I can to reduce this so that your outcomes are happy.

Our fear as riders can be debilitating.  The more you understand about the horse the less fear you have.  We all just want to ENJOY THE RIDE!  You can spend a lifetime doing it in a manner that is destructive to your horse and in turn you, or you can commit to offer them a clear path to becoming a happy reliable partner.

Debra Broughton                   County Road 233, Silt, Colorado 81652                              916 952-9256

Debra Broughton
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