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Evidence Based Horsemanship-Through Science


I am able to travel to you, depending on location.  We offer discounted rates for Lesson Members.  Become a committed "Lesson Member" and receive discounted rates.  We offer a variety of packages for Lessons to provide you cost savings.  Monthly, weekly, and yearly packages.  


This is a unique style of training for you and your horse showing you the timing and understanding it takes to achieve the softest feel possible. Achieving this through knowledge of how a horse thinks, connecting your mind and body to your horse and becoming less mechanical.  Learn how to ride the way your horse can understand it, naturally and expediently for any discipline.   More seat and heart, less hands and legs.   


Becoming a true horseman takes a lifetime.  "Finding The Feel" is a journey.  Now is the time for equine enrichment and grow your relationship on this journey.  Learn how to truly enjoy the ride on a willing, happy, & calm partner.   I have seen it happen again and again.  The transformation can be life-changing for both of you.




 Debra Broughton              6023 County Road 233, Silt, CO  81652      (916) 952-9256

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