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My Journey Becoming a Horseman


My journey begins as most young girls do, absolutely obsessed with the horse.  I had the good fortune to ride with some of the legends in cutting, reined cowhorse, and reining.  I admired their achievements but was bothered by the traumas the horse may have to go through to achieve.  I later was able to breed and raise my own with well respected bloodlines.  I was able to then have untouched babies whom I worked with, instinctively.  I raised horses that were extremely sensitive and sharp.  The types you cannot take anything you do with them for granted, kind but hot.  These horses always had alot of feel in them, soft with lots of try.  I didn't have to ride them in bits, spurs, or reins.  There may be instances where getting a point across is necessary.  By having a greater understanding of "the horse", we can get this done in a more clarifying manner with clear boundaries, balanced with open doors. 


As the years went by, it was a long journey to figure out why they felt so different.  Back then there were no books, videos and natural horsemanship.  The horses teach you if you listen, and so they did.  Later I was educated on the scientific reasons why my methods work so well.  Horses feel so very much more than a human, not only emotionally but physically.  Being flight animals, you don't want to give them reasons to try to run from the discomfort you may be forcing on them.  You want to set them up for success and have them hunt for the soft feel.  This is how they get soft.  It isn't from big bits, spurs, kicking, and pulling.  This only dulls them in everyway.  I now know beyond a shadow of doubt how much they feel and how little is necessary. 


As we travel this Horsemanship Journey, there is so much to learn for our horse's well-being but also for our abilities to get the most from them.  We all love our horses and want the best for them.  It is my passion to educate people on what can be achieved, without fear, pain, and intimidation.  Once you know better, you do better.




Debra Broughton

6023 County Road 233

Silt, CO.  81652

(916) 952-9256

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